Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Quaintest Little Seafood Restaraunt in Medford Oregon - The Wharf

The Wharf Fresh Seafood Market and Eatery
"Bringing the coast home to you!"

The Wharf Fresh Seafood Market and Eatery is a cute little place in West Medford Oregon, with indoor and outdoor seating. The waitstaff is friendly and the food is pretty amazing. We had some fried asparagus for appetizers and they are super tasty.

The great thing about this place is not only do they serve food and alcohol, there is also a market right when you walk in the front door so you can buy your seafood, take it home and cook it yourself.

They have a great selection of seafood and plenty of items on the menu. The fried oysters I had were very tasty and I still couldn't get my wife to try them. Hunnies had the fish and chips with halibut and it was very good and quite moist. She didn't believe it was halibut because it was so moist, I think they just know how to fix it just right.

When you first pull up, it seems like there isn't much parking, but they have their own private parking lot in the back right behind the outside dining porch. Even though it looks small, there is plenty room to pull in and back up to get out.

This place is really good and we are looking forward to our next visit!

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